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CHATHAM, NJ - The new year is bringing a new mayor to Chatham Township as Curt Ritter announced via video Thursday he is not seeking a fourth term.

In the video, Ritter discusses accomplishments of the Township Committee over the last year including hiring a police chief, the marijuana ban ordinance, reorganization of the CERT program, as well as the AAA rating from Moody's Investor Services. You can view the entire video here.

In the township form of government, a mayor is not directly elected. Voters elect the township committee comprising three or five members in staggered, three-year terms. The township committee elects the mayor, or chairman, for a one-year term. The mayor serves as chair of the township committee and has powers vested in the mayor's office by general law. With Ritter removing himself from the running, committee members Karen Swartz, Michael Kelly, Tayfun Selen or Tracy Ness will get the nod. Swartz, the current deputy mayor, is the most likely candidate.

Ritter closed with a message to residents.

"This is your town. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve you," he said. "If you have issues of concern or you have things you want to see changed or improved, I encourage you to reach out to use directly."

The reorganization meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday and takes place at 58 Meyersville Road in Chatham.

Talking Turkey: Chatham Township Fire Department $10K Richer


CHATHAM, NJ - The proceeds of the 10th annual Chatham Turkey Trot were presented to the Chatham Township Volunteer Fire Department Tuesday and the record setting event tallied up $10,000 in proceeds.

Chatham Township Mayor and President The Chatham Turkey Trot Curt Ritter was one hand to present the check to President Chatham Township Volunteer Fire Department John Robertson and Chief Chatham Township Volunteer Fire Department Matt Glogolich with the able assistance of The Chatham Turkey Trot Jr. Committee Co-Chairs Will Ritter and Olivia Nevin.

Chatham Emergency Squad Receives $1,000 Donation from Chatham Turkey Trot


Chatham Turkey Trot President Curt Ritter presented a check in the amount of $1,000 to Chatham Emergency Squad President Evan Skinner from the proceeds of last year’s event on Thanksgiving morning November 22, 2018. The 2018 event included nearly 1,000 participants, a record number in its 10-year history.

Chatham Turkey Trot is a non-profit organization that holds a 1-mile family fun run and a USA Track & Field certified 5K race through the scenic highlands of Chatham Township on Thanksgiving Day, with proceeds benefiting local first responder organizations (Chatham Township Fire Department and Chatham Emergency Squad) as well as the Diabetes Research Institute and the Barton Center for Diabetes Education.

“The Chatham Turkey Trot is a shining example of what makes Chatham a great community – combining a holiday tradition, a family and 5K run, with a selfless goal to support community and health services” stated Evan Skinner, President of the Chatham Emergency Squad. “The Chatham Emergency Squad greatly appreciates this donation to support the Squad’s community services.”

The Chatham Emergency Squad is an all-volunteer organization funded nearly exclusively by donations. In 2018 Chatham Emergency Squad responded to over 1,200 emergency calls in Chatham Township and Chatham Borough and provided mutual aid to neighboring communities of New Vernon, Madison and Summit on occasion. Chatham Emergency Squad never charges for its services. The Squad provides stand-by support for community events, such as the Chatham Turkey Trot, Fishawack, and school athletic events. The Squad also provided free CPR training to more than 400 residents, teachers, coaches, school crossing guards and emergency personnel, including fire and police. To learn more, to donate or to volunteer, please visit


Chatham Township Mayor Re-Elected, GOP Councilman Wins


Ritter received 3,145 votes; Maurer and Democratic challenger Stacy Ewald received 2,913 and 2,079 votes, respectively.

The ACLU continues to pick and choose whose liberties it wants to defend

The American Civil Liberties Union (the ACLU) is taking aim at a Republican Morris County mayor, Save Jerseyans, and as is sadly typical of the ACLU’s crusading activities, their angle is anything but non-partisan. 

Chatham Township Mayor Curt Ritter is this particular story’s protagonist; he’s a former Giuliani deputy spox and a Trump supporter (he’s got a Trump flag as his Facebook cover photo). So yeah, with that resume, he’s basically Satan if you’re a NYC metro area leftist.

Moving on… Ritter, who was just recently on the losing side of a municipal debate over whether to permit bear hunting in his prosperous community (Murphy’s going to ban it anyway, state-wide), soon after found himself on the receiving end of letter from an ACLU staff attorney accusing him of flouting the First Amendment by blocking Facebook critics. That’s all according to

“While truly personal social media accounts that do not involve official activity would not raise the same speech concerns or requirements, as long as you use your personal social media site at least in part for official mayoral business, you should not block persons from access or commenting,” the staff attorney reportedly wrote.

Keep in mind that ALL of this stuff is transpiring at a time when there’s a federal lawsuit aimed at President Trump over Twitter blocks.

Here’s my question: does the ACLU ever go after Democrats for this sort of thing?

Back to the piece: “The ACLU did not get involved in October, after more than a dozen accused Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop of blocking them on Facebook and Twitter. Fulop, a Democrat, responded that he barred only those barraging his page with off-topic comments or personal promotions, and was not singling out critics. “

So, per the ACLU, the U.S. Constitution affords deference to Democrats not accorded to Republicans? Which is amazing for reasons including the fact that there weren’t Democrats and Republicans when the Constitution was written and adopted!

Was the First Amendment really their beef? Or liberalism vis-à-vis the emotionally-charged bear hunt issue?

The examples are endless. Consider how yours truly (!) is blocked on Twitter by none other than Cory Booker (D-Twitter) from viewing his non-senatorial account (political or “personal” not unlike Mayor Ritter’s) but with which Booker frequently interacts with constituents concerning points of public concern…


I’m not only a constituent; I’m (begrudgingly) a member of the Fourth Estate! And you don’t see me crying about it! 

After all, owning the Yale Book of Quotations is just as good as following Cory on social media but without the downside of being obnoxious.

But if the ACLU sees this post and wants to complain to Booker about blocking yours truly? They’re welcome to do it. And this a separate discussion from whether the ACLU’s application of the 1A here is appropriate; either way, I’d like to be proven wrong concerning the apparent hyper-partisan motivations driving its selective defense of the First Amendment when doing so advances the cause of so-called “progressivism.” A little consistency would be refreshing! 





Chatham Township mayor:

Help us remove the stigma of suicide


Mayor Ritter Committed to Increasing

Suicide Awareness





Dear Editor,


The first question I’m often asked when people hear about me running for Township Committee is, “Why are you doing this?”


The answer is really quite simple, because I care. I care about our children, I care about our families and I care about our community and I want to help Build a Better Chatham.

I grew up in NJ, just a few towns away in New Vernon, and have been a resident of Chatham Township for nearly 10 years.


During this time, I have taken an active role in the community -- from serving on the Zoning Board, to coaching youth soccer and teaching religious classes at Corpus Christi. I am the Communications Chair of the Chatham Education Foundation (my term expires next month) and served on the Board of the Delbarton Alumni Association for nearly 10 years two of which as President. 


I’m also the Founder and President of The Chatham Turkey Trot –– an annual race on Thanksgiving Day in the Highlands section, which in the past four years has raised more than $25,000 for the Chatham Township Volunteer Fire Department and the Diabetes Research Institute.


In addition, professionally I have been involved with the public relations and communications field for nearly 20 years, having served as the former First Deputy Press Secretary to Mayor Rudy Giuliani, while I currently serve as the Director of Corporate Communications of CIT Group, a leading provider of financing to small businesses and middle market companies.


I have taken this campaign and opportunity very seriously and have been out meeting with local organizations and visiting the various neighborhoods around Chatham Township talking with residents and listening to their concerns.


One of the most important roles of any government organization is to communicate with its residents both in good times, so they are aware of what their local government is doing on their behalf, and in times of crisis. I believe my nearly 20 years of communications and political experience is relevant to the issues facing the Committee today.


I encourage you to visit my website, to learn more about my campaign and my efforts to help Build a Better Chatham and to also Like my Facebook page to keep abreast of campaign activity.


My goal is to ensure that Chatham Township remains a great place to live and raise a family.  As a father of three beautiful children, I will ensure that this goal is achieved.

I hope you’ll join me in Building a Better Chatham and I ask for your support on June 4th.


Curt Ritter 

Letters of Support






Are you aware of the upcoming Chatham Township Committee election on June 4? Do you want to help “Build a Better Chatham” and see out town once again recognized as one of the best towns to live in? I do.


Curt Ritter and his family have been neighbors of mine for the last 10 years since I moved to Chatham. The Ritter family is a wonderful family that is very warm and always welcoming. Public service is a family trait. Curt has always had initiative to work with fundraising campaigns but also to start them himself. The Turkey Trot is a wonderful example and a tradition now for Chatham and non-Chatham residents alike. His wife, Jennifer, has also served the community through the local "TWIG" organization in several leadership positions and hosting fundraising events that support Overlook Hospital. They work hard to instill the importance of public service in their three children.


The communications and political arena is not new to Curt. His background and work experience speaks for itself. This is what we need to get key issues in our town heard and acted upon. As a neighbor, I can attest for Curt's willingness to help. Whether it is lending a shovel or working with the neighborhood children to use their imagination at play instead of sitting in front of the TV. Truly, Curt has helped us build a better neighborhood. Now, I believe Curt Ritter deserves the chance to "Build a Better Chatham" and we can each do our part to ensure that happens by voting for Curt on June 4.



Chatham Township

To The Editor:


I am writing to urge Chatham Township voters to support Curt Ritter on Tuesday, June 4 for an available seat on the Chatham Township Committee.


Those who know Curt are aware that he will be a tireless worker helping Chatham Township remain one of the more desirable places to live in New Jersey.  For those who aren’t familiar with him, Curt is a long-time resident of Chatham who has been an active volunteer for several Chatham organizations including various Chatham Sports Teams, Corpus Christi Church, the Chatham Education Foundation and the Chatham Township Zoning Board of Adjustment. 


His experience as a spokesman for corporations and as First Deputy Press Secretary to Mayor Rudy Giuliani will serve our community well in communicating with both residents and government agencies.  Curt has also been creative in enhancing Chatham Township’s many offerings as Founder & President of the annual Chatham Turkey Trot. 


Finally, Curt’s most important role is being a devoted partner to his wife, Jen, and as a caring father of three wonderful children who are all in the Chatham school system. 


Curt is well-equipped to meet the challenges facing Chatham Township, and will work long and hard to hold down our municipal budget while effectively balancing the needs of both residents and businesses.  I hope you will join me in voting for Curt Ritter to help preserve and enhance the quality of life we enjoy in Chatham Township.


Tom Leddy

Chatham Township

Dear Editor:


On June 4, Chatham Township voters will choose between three very capable Republican candidates for two seats on the Township Committee.


I have had the pleasure of working with candidate Curt Ritter for the past year on the board of the Chatham Education Foundation (CEF). Curt’s term on the CEF board ends June 30, so he is looking for another public service opportunity. As CEF Communications chair, Curt significantly upgraded the CEF website, sent out numerous professionally crafted communications to the community, and initiated use of a tool called “Constant Contact” to manage CEF’s growing list of donors. As a result of Curt’s work along with other CEF board members, CEF has had one of the most successful fundraising years in it’s 15- year history.


If Curt is elected to the Township Committee, he will bring these and many other talents to strengthen the work of the Committee.


One area where many residents would like to see the township become more active is in support of our children. Curt participated in a recent briefing about mental health, alcohol, and drug abuse among school-aged children in our community, and he will be an educated voice as the Township Committee addresses these issues.


For instance, an organization called “Project Community Pride” provides much needed assistance in the community, and Chatham Township should consider supporting this organization, joining Chatham Borough and the School District of the Chathams. In addition, more can be done to address teen alcohol abuse in our community including proposals under consideration by the Municipal Alliance Committee of the Chathams.


For all of the above reasons and more, Curt Ritter deserves community support in the June 4 election.



Alan C. Routh

Chatham Township 






To the Editor:


I would like to express my support of Curt Ritter for Chatham Township Committee. I have known Curt for seven years now. He is a wonderful neighbor who goes out of his way to help others. He is a man of action. In particular, he has launched the Turkey Trot in our neighborhood. This event has raised thousands of dollars for Chatham's Volunteer Fire Department and for Diabetes. I admire his dedication and conviction to kick off this event, which is now a wonderful Chatham Tradition.


On a personal note, I have had the pleasure of seeing how great Curt is as a family man, friend and neighbor. For example, after the snowstorm in October 2011, he was one of the first people out in the street to clear the trees. The Ritters are always helpful and gracious. They are happy to lend a hand and help with a favor. I think this shows how Curt will be with the residents of Chatham. Curt is eager to listen and quick to act. I strongly support his candidacy for Chatham Township Committee.


Chatham Township

The Chatham Courier - Lemonade With A Message

The Chatham Turkey Trot

Learn how The Chatham Turkey Trot has become a family Holiday tradition – bringing family and friends together each Thanksgiving Day to raise funds for those who do so much for others.  Click here to read news on The Chatham Turkey Trot.

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